Sourone is a creative and innovative talented artist from the seaside town of Gdansk, in Poland.

He will blow your mind with his technical skill as a musician, but also uplift your soul with his deep, profound and melodious sounds.

Today’s electronic equipment allows new patterns to be discovered and in this new technical landscape, Michael is a master of deep and intense progression in the way he composes.



Let’s start « Mana flow » with a melancholic atmosphere flying into beautifull pads. Pushed by some glitchy subtle rhythms to create the tempos. From deep space this composition emerges to beautiful landscapes.



Wonderful gem from Michael, with some profound melody and spacey IDM glitchy rockets.

Glow is offering a nice progression through different vibes totally blasting the audience in surprise through the way he makes his music evolve.



Lets walk through a melodic algorithm breathing into time and space. Powerful sound as is his secret. This track is a Top notch glitchy IDM music with a strong soul inside: watch out !!!

The break is a pure chill moment… before… another SOURONE Explosion.



Sprinkle your mind with some breakbeat rythm on top of a pure techno melody driving you crazy to some dubstep glitch. Sourone here finalises his EP with a nice explosive moment ending in a pure chill tradition.


Mastering: Sourone

Graphic Artwork: Filip Zaruba

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