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Cosmik Chill «  GREEN » chapter has materializedsed, manifesting love drenched vibes from the collective unconscious. 

This new aural journey takes us mind-diving through soundscapes from Ambient chill, Dubstep, Glitchy rhythm and Downtempo grooves leading to a final explosion to Uptempo Trancy music.


01 Martins Garden «  EDEN » 

Let’s start with « EDEN » and fly birdlike to the east with mother nature. Wonderful harmonics mixed in an IDM style.

02 Sourone « GLOW »  

We now enter into the vortex of SOURONE music. Top notch glitchy melodic composition with fat bass threading and blending the piece together into a seamless whole.

03 Nabionix & Turya « CHANGA SUNSET »

Back in the beauty of nature for a meeting at Sunset with Changa spirit, here’ s a shamanic journey shifting from night to daytime energies, overlaid with haunting spiritual chants and a totally natural vibe   !!!

04 Jairamji « WE ARE ANCIENT » 

Charlie Roscoe reminds us that human beings are ancient and sacred; running after a job or making money is a distraction. You are ancient and simply amazing – You have been around forever !!!

05 Alba «  LUCID BEINGS » 

Don’t believe in mainstream culture: free yourself with the love Alba as threaded into his music, a wonderful gem to raise the tempo of this compilation with haunting ethereal overtones, winds and kilter bass. This track is a pure Psychedelic downtempo traditional chill out vibe at its very best.

06 Uasca «  LITTLE INFINITE » 

Fluxo and Taj bring you back to an awareness of the importance of protecting mother nature and her beauty with their tune « little infinite ». Threading groovy percussion with Eckart Tholle samples from « where can we find wisdom », for sure in da jungle with the help of ancient wisdom from traditional shamanic cultures. Enjoy their morphing Psychill plant-consciousness experience !!!

07 Zen Baboon « MAMBURA »

The Baboon are back with the amazing funkadelic Mambura shout !!! Wicked grooves as they share the secret and deep emotional musical landscapes. Enjoy the bouncy and immersive uplifting dance of Daniel & Henrique.

08 Akshan «  GATES OF HEAVEN »

Akshan drive us into a celestial dance track as would be played at the gates of heaven. Beautiful moments rise to rock any alternative floor on the planet with angelic vocal overtones driving us higher and higher !!!

09 Asura « BACKDRAFT » 

Finally Charles ends the mission: « Green » chapter with a unifying piece. Now let’ s dance for planet Earth to crisp and chunky basslines with Asura melodies taking us to a final dizzying level of awareness, with hints of retro electronica, breaking as waves on the shore of your consciousness !!!



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