Electrik Dream is a Label and a Digital Platform based in France.

The Label will Produce and Distribute Music from Ambient DowntempoChill Out & Healing Music to Progressive & Psychedelic Trance Music and True Morning Sounds.

The Electrik Dream project is a collective of Artists presenting a concept based on new technology both visuals and sound. The aim is to create a space where there is no time just the dream unleashed by today’s emerging high technologies !!! To Not be a Slave of New Technology but use it to be Creative is the motivation for creating Sonic and Visual installations around the World !!!

Will introduce productions by The Best Artists of the moment from Visual to Musical and also Performances !!!

As a side project of the label we did create Electrik Dream Association (loi 1901).

The purpose of the Association is to allow local and international artists to share knowledge about other musical and multimedia issues such as Mastering, Mapping Video, and every aspect that new technologies allow us as a creative source of inspiration !!!

We are now developing a new way of managing the Label including or own Digital Platform  The “ED Soundlab”. So now you ll be able to access our music database, making your own playlist and share your personal soundscape with your friends.

We truly trust in your Support while discovering talented Artist from our catalogue.

Music is a Vibration and listening to low quality standard like 128 mp3 is not our Dream we would like to share with you !!! It’s Extremely Important for Us @ Electrik Dream to Give Access to Quality Music in a Better Format, especially in these days that mp3, and other digital formats rule the market .
Therefor our new Digital platform – The ED Soundlab will features High Quality digital formats like Wav, Flac or if you really like Mp3 a good quality 320 as a standard for the pleasure of your Body and Soul.



Electrik Dream LOGO