B.M.O.U.S is an electronical – ambient, duo project from Tbilisi, Georgia consisting of Tornike Zedginidze and Giorgi Kubaneishvili.

Since then, they worked to build a debut LP – [Tian Shan], which is announced on Electrik Dream.

1. Tian Shan: 
As a first track of LP, Tian Shan carries a true ambient mood, evolving from atmospheric sounds and field recordings into rhythmical, melody track.

2. Glaring Sunlight: 
Glaring sunlights is one of the oldest track some nice melodies and full of deep emotion.. which was done in (Nicosia,Cyprus), dedicated to the amazing people living there.

3. Michurin’s Apple: 
Subtile, rhythmic and melody ambient track with characteristic pads and groovy beats.

4. The Story Told by a Fawn: 
The title of a famous Georgian tale written by Vazha Pshavela. Track brings some classic ambient vibes, idm beats and vintage synth sounds.

5. The Flea and The Ant: 
Hypnotic arp evolves through acid line, beats and groove melody…

6. Dark 90s: 
Though this track is not as dark as 90s without electricity :)… it includes some jazz element as well as ambient and techno textures.

7. Holy Trinity Cathedral: 
Holy Trinity Cathedral is the name of main Orthodox church in Georgian. Track includes subtile melodies with chants song by Georgian choir.

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