Master Margherita01 - Paix
Master Margherita02 - Nabuconodosor
Master Margherita03 - Somethings
Master Margherita04 - Ombra
Master Margherita05 - Kim Dub
Master Margherita06 - The Analog Point
Master Margherita07 - Derbouka Part 1
Master Margherita08 - Perfect on Sunday
Master Margherita09 - Solo Mio Sunset
Master Margherita10 - Sunset

Mastura – Master Margherita and friends.

Mastura is the first Solo album of Master Margherita (plus some additional friends). From conception to completion Mastura has taken three years. Master Margherita composition style shows his free thinking application to his music, no code, just following the path of his feelings in the music he composes. The list of guest artists and producers was chosen at the beginning of 2006 and all the tracks were finalized during spring 2006.

Enjoy Mastura album a pure gem for all ambient, chill out, downtempo music psy- chill lovers !!!

1 – Master Margherita

Paix, 90bpm

2 – Electrypnose vs Master Margherita & Sandeep

Nabuconodosor, Earth Vibes remix, 80bpm.

3 – Cell vs Master Margherita

Some Things, 12 inch gold remix, 80bpm

4 – Flooting Grooves & Master Margherita

Ombra, 96bpm.

5 – Morphonix & Master Margherita

Kim Dub, Phonic remix, 100bpm

6 – Tajmahal & Master Margherita

The Analog Point, 100bpm.

7 – Master Margherita

Derbouka Part 1, 138bpm

8 – Kali-Frogz & Master Margherita

Perfect on Sunday, Protect mix, 100bpm

9 – Master Margherita

O sole mio / Sunset, 101bpm.

10 – Master Margherita


Mastering by : Huby & Taj @

Cover by : Punkadelik


Mastura Full Album

01 Mastura Paix

02 Mastura Electrypnose & Sandeep Nabuconodosor, Earth Vibes remix

03 Mastura Some Things

04 Mastura Flooting Grooves Ombra

05 Mastura Kim Dub

06 Mastura The Analog Point

07 Mastura Derbouka Part 1

08 Mastura Kali-Frogz & MM Perfect on Sunday

09 Mastura O Sole Mio / Sunset

10 Mastura Sogno

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