Neo ambient producer I Awake crafts his way through astral soundscapes and parallell lives, blending styles and flavors in search of the very moment. His music often combines celestial emotions, tribal rhythms and an ever present sense of adventure. As one of the key figures in the swedish Ghostfriend-posse, he is sure to deliver dimensions of audioneural beauty into our world. Ghostfriend focuses on Dreamy Alternative music, as an oasis in our modern day and age. We need our kith and kin to enter even deeper into this world to spiritualize our dimension with mere concious presence. The auspicious awakening of the species is unstoppable. We are so many wakened ones already, and lucidity is most wonderfully contagious. We are all about tuning in, not dropping out. I Awake uses music to explore a world of organic materia and synthesized ghosts. These are soundtracks for the urban Jedi and the modern knight. As an artist I Awake produces ambient/downtempo aswell as uptempo music. His music is mainly studio produced with digital, analogue and acoustic equipment at his hand. this combined with exclusive live recorded material. Overall I Awake’s compositions are known as electroorganic & chill or dance music. On top of the studio production part I Awake frequently performs his material live at different national and international festivals, clubs and exclusive, thematic parties and other occasions. Even more frequently I Awake is DJ:ing deep, lush, warm and touching personally selected material with a groovy and chilled-out down or uptempo vibe to it. I Awake is one of the principal producers of the Swedish ambient posse Ghostfriend that, apart from the solo projects, also produces music for television, motion pictures and commercials. I Awake’s music compositions are known for their rich textures and lush soundscapes.

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Project Paradise- Complete Garden (Album) Existence Music 2006

Birth (EP) Ultimae Records 2007

The Core (Album) Ultimae Records 2008

Buddha Zen Chillout (2xCD, Comp, Mixed)

Constellation Of The Heart Soul Candi 2008

Cafe Zen Chillout (2xCD, Comp, Mixed)

Nevertized Soul Candi 2008

Chilled Zen Chillout (2xCD, Comp, Mixed)

New Time Nomads Soul Candi 2008

Ease Division 3 (CD, Comp)

Life Cipher Spiral Trax 2008

Kumharas 6: Ibiza Ambient And Lounge (CD, Comp, P/Mixed, Dig)

Inferno Space Tepee Music 2008



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