Teresa Gabriel is a 25 year old inventive and imaginative singer-songwriter dividing her life between England and Portugal.She started to play guitar when she was 9, piano at 12, and playing live when she was 15.Inspired by Jeff Buckley, Lisa Gerrard, Kristin Hersch, Tori Amos, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Bulgarian Choirs, Ravi Shankar, the sufi poetry of Rumi and her travels around the world (the magic of Barcelona, the surrealism of Mexico, United States, England’s huge acoustic circuit), she is crafting her own original, ecstatic and healing sound with deep ressonance as it explores intensely subtle musical landscapes, while whispering philosophical and poetic lyrics. With a powerful-mystical voice (classicaly trained and also with training in indian classical music ) that can be intense and delicate at the same time, and a very original and ecletic guitar style (a mix of folk, flamenco, funk, rock with percussive groovy strummings and rich and sublime harmonies and progressions that give you goosebumps) Teresa’s musical path has always been truthful and inventive. Teresa also does a musical-performance inspired by Promethea (a mystical comic book by Alan Moore), by The Art of Dreaming of Carlos Castaneda, the art of Paul Klee and the movie « Waking Life » Using a loop station, didgeridoo, mouth harp, drawing dreamlike sonic landscapes, creating an auditive cenography, using the voice and the guitar to compose harmonies, like a painting that in which you add layers of paint, pursuing the perfect texture. The concept is shamanic-timeless-impressionist-synaesthesic sound jorney, fusing the organic expression and essence of the voice, with the use of a pedal, finding a Balance between Technology and Essence.Editing memories, making a collage of ideas, painting watercolours of philosophical poetry, surfing the Zuvuya, also called Dreamtime by aboriginal people. An active meditation, an imaginative journey, sound as ancestral element. The message: to honour the forgotten divine feminine, to restore the Balance and bring consciousness and magic back in a mentally anaesthesthyzed, distorted and intoxicated Western world. Some performing highlights- Opening for Portishead’s Beth Gibbons in 2003 in Lisbon and Porto’s coliseums playing for 3000 people Played major festivals in Portugal (Vilar de Mouros 2001, Sudoeste 2002, Andan§as 2005 and 2006, BOOM festival 2006, Freedom Festival 2007) and small theathers -England: The Synergy Project (Nov05, March 06, Nov;06, October 2007), Sunrise Celebration 2005, Kingston Green Fair, Cargo, Green Note, The Ginglik, Volupte Bar, Joogleberry Playhouse in Brighton, the Vibe Bar, the synergy centre, electroacoustic club, acoustic lounge, Rubicon, Owls World, the comedy pub, the winelightclub in Norwich, Mexico (refugio bar. Coliseum of Porto and Lisbon – opening for Beth Gibbons (Portugal – April 2003) The Synergy Project (U.K – November 2005). Sunrise Celebration 2006 (U.K – June 2006) Boom Festival (Portugal – August 2006) Freedom Festival (Portugal – August 2007) The Synergy Project (U.K – October 2007) Small world festival (U.K – May 2008) Boom Festival (Portugal – August 2008-Orchid Star (electronic lush and colourful with a strong world music influence) .


-Alap (hinduistanic music project – sitar and tablas)


-Olive Tree (drums and didg natural trance) http://www.myspace.com/olivetreedance

Zee (electronic-chill out

-Jorge Cruz (portuguese singer-songwriter

Lupanar (portuguese band) http://www.myspace.com/lupanarlupanar

A.I (groovy electronic ) http://www.myspace.com/aispace

-InMotion (funk-rock portuguese band


-Milli Moonstone

-James Ragbone

-Mr. Paradox (poet-

-Tom Trewlawny

-Jamie Woon http://www.myspace.com/jamiewoon

-Baltazar Molina (percussionist from Dazkarieh http://www.myspace.com/dazkarieh

-Projecto Fuga

-Miss Nutz (electro DJ


LINK FOR VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Ff6ZdMm6o

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