Djane AllixDj Allix, aka Lis Rodrigues, is a singer, songwriter, also a chill event promotor  and a top notch DJane. With a musical career of over 10 years singing and writing brazilian music and two solo albums, Lis became Allix, a newest alter ego to perform a new path: now she is engaged in research and produce electronic music, an old passion. Always connected to new technologies for musical production, besides of being founder of the largest songwriters network Clube Caiubi de Compositores, she also coordinated for two years the music area at Campus Party Brazil, knows as the world largest Internet offline meeting, bringing together 6000 of technology lovers. Nowadays, Allix is part of Electrik Dream, that includes composers, DJ’s, VJ’s, Visionary artist and digital electronic artists engaged in the exploration and production of the Ambient and Healing Culture. Allix also realizes the Moon Dance Chill Out Party at São Paulo, Brazil. Dedicated to the study of sonic frequencies, Hindu and Buddhist mantras, has shared special mixes dedicated to Yoga practices and meditation. Recently, she organized all the learnings about sound frequencies and meditation such as “Natyam Satyam”, a dynamic practice of meditation, inspired of 5 rythms, buddhist meditation and shamanic one. At the electronic scene, Allix stands by her chill out tracks that wander for styles like downbeat, ambient, psychill, IDM, psybass, glitch and temple step, besides soundscapes, always presents in her production. Combining technique and sensibility, her musical sets gently lead the listener through a sensory journey. Her Nomad tales mix are monthly on the air at DI.FM/Psychill and all sonice journeyx can be found at
ॐॐ Some gigs: ॐॐ [2012/2016] Lisbon Yoga festival Nomad Tales . di-fm – monthly online radio show
[2015] Human Evolution Festival – Tuscany, Italy [2015] Freedom Festival – Elvas, Portugal [2015] ZNA Gathering – Montargil, Portugal [2015] Ressonar Festival – Bahia, Brazil [2014/2015] Terra em Transe Festival – Bahia, Brazil [2014, 2015] Solstice The Psychedelic Gatherer – Amstedam, Netherlands [2014] Global Chill Out (Etnica) – Brno, Czech Republic [2014] Live Love Create (Tribal Bass) – Paris, France [2013/2014] Universo Paralello (2013.2014) – Pratigi, Bahia, Brazil [2013] Yoga Pela Paz – São Paulo, Brazil [2013] Earthdance – Tremembé – São Paulo, Brazil [2013] Origens Festival – Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [2012/2013] Aho Festival (2013) – São Paulo, Brazil [2012, 2013] Winter Sosltice – DI.FM (Earth) [2012] Vuuv Festival (2012) – Putliz, Germany [2012, 2013, 2014] Zuvuya Festival – Luiziânia, GO, Brazil
ॐॐ ॐॐ
[2012, 2013, 2014] Moon Dance Party – São Paulo, Brazil [2012] Blue Beats – Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [2012, 2013] Shiva Trance – São Paulo, Brazil [2011] Marcó de Pont – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mixed Album(s)

EDEP009_V_A_Moon_Salutations_by_Djane_Allix MOON SALUTATIONS – Mūlādhāra Various artists compiled by ALLIX 2017 Ambient, Downtempo, Psy-Chill, Chill-out

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