Welcome to new comers on ED Roster, for all ambient lovers and peacefull chill vibes you gonna be really happy with this new band from Tbilisi.

B.M.O.U.S is an electronical – ambient, duo project from Tbilisi, Georgia consisting of Tornike Zedginidze and Giorgi Kubaneishvili.

After years of solo experiments with sounds and sonic textures they formed the project in 2013.

Their music is a fusion of Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic, IDM, infused with nature sounds and various artists.

They are realeasing their first Ep together on Ed Soundlab “TIAN SHAN” a really deep emotional journey driving you to your inner sence floating with their melodies !!!

1. Tian Shan 2. Glaring Sunlight 3. Michurin’s Apple 4. The Story Told by a Fawn 5. The Flea and The Ant 6. Dark 90s 7. Holy Trinity Cathedral

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