Xerxes, the ambient project of klaus lunde from norway, was born in 1988. after experimenting with various styles and genres for many years, xerxes started developing his own unique sound in 1996, where his music was given a lot of attention in various demo groups on the net. since then, his style has become increasingly more noticed around the world, getting radio play on norwegian national radio, featured in games and used in many commercial projects. The sound of Xerxes can be described as melodic, soothing and peaceful. currently, Klaus is working on his debut album which is projected for release in late 2007.



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COSMIK CHILL ORANGE Various artists compiled by Tajmahal2007

4 thoughts on “Xerxes

  1. Trienko Krohne says:

    Wich albums are there available on vinyl? Really want to have them in my collection. Have Exxerxes EP but others are hard to find. Who can help me out?

    • taj-edit says:

      Hi sorry for the late reply, soon we will start to produce vinyl such as new talent ALBA album “Scaramentarium” should come true in cd and vinyl in late june 2020.
      Thanks for your support Taj 😉

    • taj-edit says:

      The album of Alba is going to the printing house so september october might be ready for distribution.
      Cheers Taj

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