The music group was created in November 2001 to write the original soundtrack of the film ixième Flibuste – ESX trio’s music is based on an electronic rhythmic, bass, guitar and percussion. It blends differentstyles of traditional northern Indian music, dub, improvised instrumental music and techno. The album Flibuste was released both in Switzerland and Portugal in Autumn2003. Its stripped and minimalist character stems from recorded jam sessions that are reworked on and restructured in the studio. ESX trio’s first album is articulated into four different destinations which present as individual hypnotic raptures. Genuine sounds of the harbour of Porto enter as a counterpoint to the music of ESX trio and allows us to drift away from reality imposing itself inside the dream. Additional recordings of traditional fados give Flibuste a melodic emotion.A musical crossing, free, without borders.


– Downtown of Porto, the sounds of passing traffic morph with the bass rhythm to give us a ride into town for an amazing additional recording enfused with traditional Fados vocals from Susana Maria.


– Electro tribal ambient with some beautifull Tabla dancing with amazing hypnotic grooves.


– From the airport to our final destination more Jazzy and Ethno Landscape inside this hypnotic Gem.


To settle this nice journey ESX Trio drive us to deeper Ambient psychedlik beats.

Beautifull bass floating inside the percussion flead by their hypnotic guitar.


World Electronical Music.


Moreno Antognini : Basse et programmation / bass and programming

Stéphane Blok : Guitare et programmation / guitar and programming

Stephan Montangéro : Percussions

Susana Maria Mota Teixeira Ribeiro : Chant / vocals

© Electrik Dream records 2010

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