Magic Sense  is the long awaited debut album from Chilled C’Quence the and the 11th release in the

ED Soundlab Digital Plateform.  Magic Sense  continues our journey to explore Ambient

soundscapes and to bring you something different from the norm in Downtempo music.

In this work you can discover an uplifting ambient journey able to transpose you to an inner state.

The album combines chilling harmonies with warm and progressive vibes, envolving voices, spacial

melodies mixed with crystal clear sounds.

An ideal choice for the early hours of the morning…

Chilled C’ Quence has been presented strongly in important events inside the Portuguese trance

movement, as well as in the unforgettable boom festival 2004, with a live presentation of Magic sense

in the ambient area.

So take a trip and check out this beautiful piece of sonic work.

1 – Dawn Era

2 – Chill In Natura

3 – Collective Memories

4 – Magic Sequence

5 – In A Row

6 – The Legacy

7 – Form Of Life

8 – Space Breath

9 – Circular Structure


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