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TJAK « VIAJANDO »: Viajando means travel.


Through Viajando album, Tjak take us on a world journey, Stopping on each continent to discover other cultures and rituals through communion with its Native people.The essence of these meetings provided the inspiration and gave birth to this incredible collection of music.Viajando will lead you through prayer evoking dreamscapes complete with Dogons chants and ceremonies.You will meet the pilgrims as they explore new worlds through medicine, and conjure thunderstorms in the Tropical forest of Brazil.The joyfull laughs of indigineous people forever recorded in each note.Electrik dream is delighted to introduce you the digital release of the latest masterpiece in their catalog, Viajando.



1 – PRAYER 13’34 (Indonesia).

Evoking Buddha a woman asks him, What is the present and what is the future, what is right and wrong But she does not understand his answers.

Sound of gamelan, voices, flutes and rebab recorded in Djakarta en 1970.

Fiddle, flutes and Chinese voices from recording archives.

The voices and final screams recorded in Bali, in 1971, belong to Hanuman’s army, the Hindu god of monkeys : Tjak – Tjak.


2 – AFRICAN PATH 13’28 (Africa)

Singing of the Dogons from Mali and the Nalus from Guinea-Bissau recorded in 1961.


3PERFECT GUIDANCE 12’44 (Brazil)

Karaja Indians from Bananal island, on the Araguaya river, sing and play maracas to move away the stom (recorded during the ceremony of Aruan)

The singing of the legendary bird, Uirapuru, announces the return of good weather.

Flute and voices of Kamayaura Indians from Alto Xingu during Kuarup’s funeral ceremonies.


4BEYOND LHASSA 12’25 (Tibet)

Pilgrims heading for the monastery.

They meet other pilgrims at the top of a hill who seem to be under the influence of some hallucinogenic drug.

The solemn atmosphere becomes joyful and lasts until they finally return to the monastery.



All Tracks Written & Composed by :

Victor Bandeira / Pedro Sotiry / Gabriel Gomes

Mastering by : Gabriel Gomes

Cover by : Rita Meideros / Ines Mateus


© Electrik Dream records 2010


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