Jean Luc Briançon alias Kurtz Mindfields, was the founder of the Lyon label Nuage 7 and leader of the Lyons group Nu Jazz, Abigoba, in the early 2000 ( 8 albums were released after fifteen years of existence ). Since 2011, it has in parallel returned to its first sources of inspirations. If the emeritus keyboardist player sometimes winks at artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre at the beginning, Brian Eno, or Vangélis, he finds himself more by expressing himself through the Berlin School born in the 70’s artists such as Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, or even Ash Ra Temple. The first step for Kurtz Mindfields was to find sounds produced by legendary synthesizers in order to revisit them at best. This experimental musical orientation led her to the création of two albums, the first one appeared in 2015 ( Journey Through The Analog Adventure developped in the premised of Studio Nuage 7 and released as a numbered digipack collector box), based on a reversal of the movement by dividing all of its compositions in two parts (the first from 2015 to 1985 and the second from 1984 to 1970). The second was released in 2016 (The Dreaming Void released only in vinyl record format), representing the culmination of Journey Through The Analog Adventure, focusing this time on the first ten years of the Berlin School from 1973 to 1983, paying tribute again to the sounds of the pioneers of cosmic music and space rock before the advent of digital). He began to talk about himself outside France shortly after the release of the first album, particularly in Canada, where the webzine, Synth & Sequences, specializing in electronic music related to the Berlin School, gave him several welcoming articles in August 2015 In summer 2016, the Swiss radio station, La Planète Bleue, gave him a long live interview so that he could explain his artistic approach. In January, it is the turn of the French webzine, Clair & Obscur, to take a close interest in the compositions of the keyboardist by giving him a glowing description full of enthusiasm.

Planned as a trilogy, Kurtz Mindfields in 2015 asked his friend Tajmahal to participate in the composition and production process for this first opus in order to ensure a quality artistic finalization. To do this, the artists have planned to use rare machines still very little used as the ARP 2500 or the Harmonic RMI synthesizer. Yet the latter prove that they live in their time by using the latest software and the latest synthesizers in their approach to pay a final tribute to electronic music. This new album is what could be called a great tribute to the Ambient period of the Berlin School which should seduce the great lovers of analog sound.

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