D-Sens Mat is a electronic music producer from electro, prog, trance… member of two projects, Lunaspice and Dsens. Dsens is his solo project, deeper progressive style, groovy, gleetchy, crunchy and a bit sexy ! first released on sub-machines compilation & Chrome & and Daytime, and labels like VP rec, Stargate rec, Open rec, Beef rec, Bus rec… Co manager of sub machine records with dj Natas, nowadays is he starting his own label BUS rec, created to release electro/prog house, techouse , tribal oriented music. I defined my music like that: must be nice to ear not aggressive only pleasure, sensuality and groove…

Lunaspice is more progressive trance music, including: Steven Le Corre & Matthieu Delepau from Arakis, planet no.0612 of the Andromeda galaxy. Whilst at sound engineering school they started the psychedelic trancegoa band COSMOSQUAD, releasing tracks such as the boom on tribeadelic records (Australia),progresso and criogenial on Ying Yang Records, and is there any reason on Frances Sub Machine Records. they performed live in different countries over the globe such as the Caribbean Islands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Germany not to mention numerous appearances within Europe itself. Lunaspice have been a signed artist on Sub Machine Records for all of their existing compilations as well as releasing other tracks on labels such as Iboga, Flow, Tatsu, Cold Groove, Vp and many more, Their first album Reflection released 2004, shows you their best in sound research and believes because that this sound is a driving force within parties and festivals over the world! Reflection can be described as a good mix between groovy progressive, fat tech tribal and psychedelic music! Since that they released tracks that always captive great reviews from trancers and dj around the world, today they are preparing a new album and work on few remix for Iboga and others top notch labels. Played along side : D.Nox, Antix, Beckers, A.Absolut, Behind blue eyes, Phony Orphant, Atmos, Shiva Shandra, Sally Doolally, Mapusa Mapusa, Sun control species, Tetraktys, Motion, Solead, Triptych, Phonic request, just to name a few…



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