Zen Baboon - RevisitedA noite Extended
Zen Baboon - RevisitedA noite - Kaya Project remix
Zen Baboon - RevisitedA noite - Floating Machine Remix
Zen Baboon - RevisitedA noite - Ambient mix
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Our track “A Noite” was brilliantly revisited and remixed by the talented Seb Taylor aka Kaya Project and António Lourenço aka Floating Machine. With them we’ve also added some new mixes. 
A small EP but it took us all almost 2 years to finish it. 
A warm thank you to everyone involved. 

A Noite – English translation: 
“In the dimming light that hides in the horizon, 
the body ceases to exist, 
I gather the honey, hide away the joy and 
whisper to you: turn off the stars, 
Come lay with me in the splendor of the night 
of the world that is fleeing from us. 

I, sailboat without dawns, no promises nor richness 
just a void with no dimension in its pocket 
For only the one who possesses nothing 
and has shared everything , can corrupt * the night 
of other innocent bodies without getting hurt 
in the brief splendor of love”. 

Taken from: Al Berto “Na Casa Fernando Pessoa” (1997) 

(*) “corrupt” is not the right word, in portuguese “devassar” has a more physical sense than a negative one.


All track mastered at Baboon Clinic 

Cover Art by Henrique Palhavã (henriq) 

Original photo by Francisco Moreno 

The Remixed tracks by Kaya Project and Floating Machine, show them some love: 




“A Noite Revisited” EP

Full Digital EP in 3 different formats:
Aiff – Flac – MP3_320


01 – A Noite_Extended

02 – A Noite – Kaya Project Remix

03 – A Noite – Floating Machine Remix

04 – A Noite – Ambient Mix



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