Kliment01 - Crystalline
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Kliment02 - Ether Aesthetic
Kliment03 - Behind the steps of death
Kliment04 - Reflexive Meditation
Kliment05 - Universe Alchemy
Kliment06 - Travel to the infinite
Kliment07 - Arowana
Kliment08 - The interstellar orchestra

Electrik Dream are thrilled to present Kliment’s first ambient album, The Perpetual Ritual.

This much praised release is a quest for researching and sending deep messages through music in its many forms and variations. Creating its own wonderful electronic audio universe with a spice of ethnic and psychedelic influences, this album guides you to both relaxing yet explosive melodic lines, whilst maintaining a warm emotional feel and a floating vibe of ambience. Electrik Dream on behalf of Kliment wish you happy travels on this endless sonic journey. Featured along with Kliment are several talented musicians, playing flute, basnuri, vocals, violin and trombone did contributed to The Perpetual ritual album.

Kliment Dichev’s solo project explodes upon us after several years of secluded musical creativity !!!

Born in 1981, Kliment has been into electronic music for more than 10 years and has wide experience of electronic musical genres such as psychedelic trance, progressive house, ambient, drum n bass and also film & theatre scores. Some of his projects include Samodelia, Once Upon a Time, Disham, along with numerous collaborations with artists such as Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov, Micromatic, Moshic, Dualism, Inatroya and many others.


Vocals by Nevena & Milena Sergueeva

2-Ether Aesthetics

Vocals by Nevena Nikolova & Kaval by Venzislav Dikov

3-Behind The Steps Of Death

Trombone by Fransisco Alvazzar

4-Reflexive Meditation

Flute by Aura Rascon and Violin by Orlin Cvetanov

5-Universe Alchemy

Vocal by Milena Sergueeva

6-Travels To The Infinite

Flute by Aura Rascon and Mantra vocal by Pavel Terziiski


8-The interstellar Orchestra

Vocal by Milena Sergueeva – Bansuri by Aura Rascon – Trombone by Fransisco Alvazza

Mastering by : Huby & Taj

Cover by :

© Electrik Dream records 2009


The perpetual ritual Full Album

01 Crystalline

02 Ether Aesthetics

03 Behind The Steps Of Death

04 Reflexive Meditation

05 Universe Alchemy

06 Travels To The Infinite

07 Arowana

08 The Interstellar Orchestra

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