In these days where mainstream media and EDM music are taking the lead, we are proud to present you an eclectic and talented artist “GARIAC”. His main influences are Electronica, Pop, Rock with some vocals in French and English. “Sorry for my French EP” is a shout to the world and a critics from the occident way of living, seen through the eyes of a French artist !!!


1 . Sorry for my French


Gariac screams his anger about the French system. He shows in his video clip all the paradoxes found in French society, We can be the best in human right declarations and at the same time be part of the most evil of policies !!! Gariac has the courage to denounce and face our historical responsibility as occidental conqueror.


2 . Bloody Valentine’s

This track is a fusion of Genres mixing dubstep beats with sample after sample, combined with some Pop rock essence !!! The theme is a beautiful declaration of love towards his daughter, she sings with her dad and bring a nice fresh atmosphere to the track.


3 . De Janvier à Décembre


We are back to criticism of the system we are living in. Gariac here wrote in French and played a lot with double entendre vocals; his secret is he a true poet when he scribes absolutely wonderful words to express his perspective on life !!!

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