Uasca is a tribute to the ancient, tribal knowledge of the Amazon.

The goal of their music is to use our collective voice to raise awareness

for the great need to respect the Amazon, its people and nature.







1 – Duality Explorer:


Uasca explores the duality of Men and Women projecting onto each other their respective fears. Then from the fight between two spiritual being it ends up at love making as the only way to be reunited.


2 – Babylon is falling:


This track has a powerful and groovy beat. It’s also a critique from all existing forms of system that are all corrupted by human 
egocentric way of thinking and being. It’s time to switch to a new paradigm 
made with higher consciousness to respect our planet and the Humanity !!!


3 – New Dream:


The closing chapter in this story finishes with a “New Dream” that people can slowly get inside themselves and succeed in releasing their mental traps to be present in the “Here and Now” moment.  Embraces life magic using deep hypnotic melodic music to follow this path, it resonates with positivity  and beautiful vibes during the journey. UASCA invited Teresa Gabriel to collaborate on this composition which resulted in celestial vocals. We thank her for her excellent work and beautiful voice !!! 



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