We are happy to present you this Moon Salutations release from Allix Sao Paulo. If you like Psychill – Shamanic Sound – Psybient – Downtempo Grooves or Mysticall Landscapes you will find all theses ingredients in this nice receipe concocted by Allix.
Enjoy the ride …

01 ALBA – Askodakora

From the cold lands of Russia, a deep and emotional call to introspection opens our salutations through the inspiring melodies of Alba Project.

02 SEAMOON – Drop and Fall

From Germany, the powerfull psychill frequencies by Seamoon lead us to explore the emotional patterns contained in the deeper states of connection.

03 ALEX TOOTH – The Seven Chakras

With awakened consciousness, the seeker looks to the sky while looking to himself. The Seven Chackras represents the map in the hands of the seeker, our guide is Alex Tooth of the United Kingdom.

04 OCO – Hollow (Balancé RMX)

The shamanic frequencies of countless OCO musical influences, enriched of meaning in this remix by Balancé, carry us into the higher states of consciousness.

05 BALANCÉ – New Rise

The recognition of the many levels consciousness, teachings coming from portuguese lands through the message full of grooves and good energies by Balancé.

06 KALA HARI – Night Sky

Kala hari, Portuguese artist, drives us in meditative contemplation through the psychill atmosphere of Night Sky.

07 DUBIANCHI – Eclipse in Middle East

A dip in the meditative trance state translated into beats and frequencies by the brazilian producer, Dubianchi.

08 SALVINORIN – The Whisper of the Goddess

From the central Brazil, we received a gentle and sweet invitation to meditate brought by the Salvinorin
hypnotic beats.
09 FLOWERTZ – Earth Beat

Flowertz brings us the earth element, related to the root chakra.. The feeling of connection and joy experienced by the meditator when the muladhara is active, this is the message coming from the beautiful Italy.
10 SIGIL – Syntropy 

Sintropy is the state of awakened consciousness that describes the feeling of deep connection with other beings, it is also the invisible flow that drives the encounter of similar frequencies.. a great teaching from Sigil, UK.
11 SERGIO WALGOOD – Sine Waves Dance 

The spiritual seeker materializes deep transformations in himself and acquires the certainty that it is no longer possible to return to the previous state of consciousness.
12 REBORN SOUL – Ethereal Sonic Juice   

In the latin america heartland, this “forest chill” invites us to explore the subtleties of the deepest levels of consciousness. Shadow and light in perfect synchronicity is the message from Reborn Soul, Brazil.

13 MARTINS GARDEN – Valhalla

Does God exist ??? Let’s go to the Valhalla. Meanwhile we need to activate the root chakra and to initiate the awareness process, it is necessary to connect deeply to the whole. This is the message contained in the nordic knowledge brought by Martins Garden from Switzerland.
Moon-Salutations - Muladhara

In our artistic concept, the title Moon Salutations is an analogy to the Chandra Namaskar* and, as in of Moon Dance Party** editions, this compilation is an invitation to enjoy the soothing energy of the moon. For us, each of this tracks compiled here, represents an asana*** or a gift from the composers to each of the 13 moons of the year. 13 talented producers among the numerous faces and strands of chillout music around the world.

The subtitle, Mūlādhāra, refers to the root chakra – the place where, according to eastern philosophies, the key to a source of inexhaustible knowledge is kept. It represents the first step of human consciousness in search of reconnection with its immaterial and immortal essence. A symbol that we are here as seekers on the evolution path. So, relax and turn up the volume to enjoy these pieces of art and the messages contained therein.
The beautiful artwork wich is covering our compilation comes from the Peruvian visionay artist, Juan Carlos Taminchi, in the psychedelic vision of the Portuguese visual artist, Ivã Crispim aka Tachyon. Both are part of Electrik Dream team.


*Chandra Namaskar – yoga practice foccused on the moon energy, also known by Moon Salutation.
**Moon Dance Party – chillout parties organized since 2012 by Allix in Brasil and Portugal.
***Asana – yoga postures.
Visionary Art: Juan Carlos Taminchi «  Guardian Del Futuro »
Artwork: Ivã Crispim Aka Tachyon visual remix
Mastering: Studio Bypass sound – Lyon
Compiled by: Allix


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