Photonik is a fresh portuguese live act formed by Pedro Matias (Fluxo) and Pedro Miranda (Mirwalk). Being connected to several music scenes, these friends decided to explore high-tech influences searching for new and refreshing dance floor sounds.

After captivating the interest of some worldwide known dj’s like Kristian from Dejavoo, that play some of their tracks on his dj set, was the needed steam to their first release on the Uk based label Transient “ EP 3 Flavour in 2009.

They have been playing in several national and international parties, strongly motivated by public response to their music.

Music is the tool for global awakening !!!

They gonna release their debut album Robotik Science on Electrik dream in 2011.

Prepare to be guided into an uplifting body & mind journey with Photonik …

For booking in N.America please contact INFINITE CONNECTIONS


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