Alexander Saloid aka Mungusid was born in Unkraine in winter of 1981. Since his early childhood He has been keen on music, especially on playing piano. He would possible go on profound study of piano playing after musical school, but he had gone into electronic music. It swallowed him up by its difficulty and singularity (at that time). Parents have noticed his passion and presented Alexandr his first electronic sequencer. Tnen, as it happens with infatuated teenagers, it has started computer, internet, techno,and first rhythms programming. The first time his audience consisted of close friends. Then a friend DJ had played some tracks at clubs and chose the best tracks for listening by people from record label studio. That time Alexandr was mad of psy trance, but not because of fashionable drug trips. He has admired of its complexity and charming sound. His first VA release was published in 2003 at Israel Label Agitato. A few months later there was published another track. There were 5 releases in 2003 at Isarel, Greece and Russian labels. The greatest russian label Dejavu rec published its debut album. It consists of morning fullon sound and more dark rhythms. But that time the interes of trance stage has fallen down because of its drugs parties, where music wasn`t tne priority Tne more light lazy rhythms has becoming popular. First chill-out tracks was published in 2005 at German label medium rec. and Y.S.E rec. Now in this music mungusid is founding the way of self-expression. Maybe tomorrow he will be keen on ethnic, the month later on progressive house. But the lonely aim is to understand himself and to show to another people the interesting and unusual world of electronic music without drugs.


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COSMIK CHILL RED Various artists compiled by Tajmahal2006

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