My name is Martim Martins aka M&M s, I was born in Lisbon Portugal in 1971 and since an early age have been a Music Lover.

Music simply fascinates me, its like an internal organ that you can’t live without. My musical influences were many and diverse: Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Supertramp, The Pogues, Sonic Youth, Buthole Surfers, Nick Cave, Diamond Galas, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov, The Swans, Dead Kennedys, Joy Division, The Doors and so on, but my very first favourite Album was Neil Diamond’s “John Livingstone Seagull” that forever gave me a deep connection with Soundtrack Music. I would spend days recording my favourite tracks to cassetes and being very serious about the exact perfect order to build a story with them. It came to the point that some of them were made for different purposes like places and times of the day.

DJing come has something natural after returning from South America after a 7 year period doing volunteer work, then raising a family and working with bambo has a business around the year 2000, first mixing psy trance, and gradually slowing down into more downtempo psy chill and latter to ambient, psy/nu jazz, post-classic, acoustic and instrumental music and movies/games Soundtracks.

I have to say that i really love mixing different things in one set to again get that story going somewhere, sometimes Im sure where im going others the Music takes over. 

By 2005 started a club in Lisbon with my brother called Tuatara, we held events of al sorts for some years, from psy-trance to D&B, Techno to Rock, but my interest was more into the many Chillout Sessions we organised.

My musical selections are always about the melody and its textures to create a broad emotional landscape, love the fusion between instruments and electronic input, but i like music to have soul, light and air from which we can all breath and nourish.



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