My name is Martim Martins aka M&M s, I was born in Lisbon Portugal in 1971 and since an early age have been a Music Lover. Big influences from Pink Floyd, The Sonic Youth, The Swans, Dead Kennedys, Diamanda Galas and The Pogues. I was intruduced to the Psychedelic side of music in the year 2000 and from then a whole new perspective on music arised with the unlimited posibilities of the Electronic soundscapes. Always have been a music collector and resercher, allways selecting tracks from favourite albuns to Cassettes and latter on to CDs. The first DJing experiences were in private parties with friends but soon i understood that i needed to get my own Mixing gear. The first event was around 2004 and never stopped since then. I work in a regular basis with promoters like Quest 4 Goa, Omium, Synergic Minds, Good Trance, Crystal Matrix, Elements Trance, Utopia After Boom and Freedom Festival. Since 2005 i started a project with my brother called Tuatara Club in Lisbon and have done many music events from Psytrance to Drum & Bass, Minimal Techno to Progressive, Ambient and Chillout Sessions. For the last 3 years i’ve dedicatted myself exclusivelly do all the Downtempo genres as a Dj and my DJ goes from Psychill to Freestyle Electronica, Minimal, Ethnic, Nujazz, Groove. It was during the Utopia After Boom 2006 that i was invited to join the Electrik Dream Family. In 2007 Ive created a Podcast as a means to share the amazing music produced by artist arround the world, check it out, i put a lot of me in there.

love Martim

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