“Medicine Men Song” is a new project of artist from all around the globe.

They share their passion together and want to show you their appetit for dancing on Tribal Etnik Ambient Downtempo Psychedlik Trance Music.

“Medicine Men Song” is a project composed by Alba & Tajmahal they love to invited amazing and talented artists with their own history and musical background to bring some authentic touch and real inspiration by joining our forces all together. Their music is a mix of Ambient, Dubstep, Downtempo and Etnic Shamanic Trance atmospheres using the Trance roots as an inspiration, which are for us “tribal percussions”. In our compositions we are using real rhythms, such as Tribal Etnic Downtempo Psychedelic roots, mixing digital audio sound with real instruments.                                                                              After composing their coming next Album “EWA”.                                                                                                                                       

They decided to propose two live act one for the alternative stage and one for opening main floor.  In the Alternativ stage our music is ideal for the sunset, when people want to have fun, dance or relax watching the sun.  Our sound has these two sides, because we are composed of shadows and lights, our compositions are the reflection of our duality, a complex groove and at the same time profound sense inviting us to the relaxation !!!                                                                                                                        We love to travel between these two worlds and forces to finally open ourselves to brighter and more positive fields that, we hope, will reach the deepest senses of the public.

We did use real drums percussions set recorded in a top mixing studio in Lyon for the best quality as possible. The compositions themselves have many tribal roots composed of real drums, recorded by the percussionists of “Abigoba” a famous jazz band in Lyon with Franck Boutin Albrand.                                                                                                                                        Didjeridoo, Guimbarde and Diphonik songs were recorded with Fredy Berthonneau. He is the co-foundatour of famous Etnical music festival in France “Le rêve de L’Aborigéne”.                                                                                                                                             Axel Lecourt created and recorded sounds of the jungle for us and did used traditional instruments such as “Arc en bouche”. Axel is a poly instrumentist using ancient instruments. His voice is an instrument itself and he has the secret to make many animals from the Amazon jungle or those typical ones of Africa.                                                                                                                  We invited top singer on the song “Ewa” that were performed by Maestra Sabine Kouli, one of the world’s greatest singers of gospel and jazz music followed by Jean Luc Briançon to play Piano on that track.

Guest artist on medicine men song project


We are now working on the trance side of Medicine Men Song project, we are creating and thinking this act to be special moment for opening the main floor.

Actually we release our first two titles “Reconnect” EP hope we can count on your support to spread the info about it. Then should come true in the end of 2020 a full album in (vinyl version for the amateur) called “EWA”  that is thought and composed as a hymn to the Earth and the reign of Animals.

Photo by Dominique Gellez


Ambient, Downtempo, Chill-out, Etnic, Shamanic Trance

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We are actually working on our album it will come true in cd format and vinyl in late 2020


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