Floating Machine

Floating Machine is António Lourenço. Since he was very young he fell in love with music. He learned and regularly played many instruments including: guitar, piano and saxophone. He also took part in various experimental projects in distinct areas like jazz, hip-hop and punk rock. Later, influenced by the electronic music magic, he started to DJ, exploring all of its diversity from downtempo to dance sonorities like acid jazz, nu-jazz, dub, breakbeat or deep house… Naturally, this led to electronic music production, applying all of his influences in a techno and progressive context, but also leaning deeply into the palette of ambient experimental sounds. He has performed in countless events and big international festivals such as Boom Festival, Freedom Festival, Zna Gathering, Shankra, Hadra and others. You can find his music on Digital Diamonds, Techgnosis, Mindspring and his “home”: Blind Arc. António is also one-half of Code Therapy, an ascending progressive techno act. A person without many words, he uses his music to connect and communicate, taking the listener on adventurous and unpredictable aural journeys.

Floating Machine


Ambient, Downtempo, Chill-out, Techno, Psyminimal

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