DishamListen to your inner voice
MoshicMy life is for you
I AwakeUnderdose
Zen Baboon / Zen RacoonBencalado
KlimentSoundscape Odissey
Hol BaumanaRed Flower
Aes DanaResin
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Electrik Dream Present :

Tuning up the individual spirit also tunes up the universe. We are not humans having spiritual experiences we are spiritual beings having human experiences.Cosmik Chill Yellow is a project including several artists from all around the planet sharing a beautiful experience. After Red and Orange we are happy and proud to present you “Yellow”. Cosmik chill concept is a series of seven cds. Each of them will be dedicated to one colour of the rainbow. Seven colours align with the Seven main Chakras, as the Seven keys of music link us to the harmonic Universe !!! Stay tuned to the symphony of life`s orchestra by listening to Yellow !!!

This 3rd chapter starts with a track of Disham as an intro, it is a prayer to connect with your inner voices vocal by Milena Sergueeva.Then we start travelling with the beautifull track of I awake guitar from Hjalmar Leissner, Vocals Mahan.To go further in the deep spiritual and celestial ambient we are happy to offer you the sound of Moshic.Being followed by our portuguese friend Zen Baboon with a fantastic track, deep and some jazzy influences.Next artist featured is Kliment as he produces for us a really psychedlik chill masterpiece here ? To be followed by Uasca where the two friends drive us to Amazon shipibo ceremony as a tribute to ancient knowledge and cultures. Continuing with a sonic masterpiece from Aes Dana bringing the fat groove and some wonderfull hypnotic melody .Keep on rising the beats of this V/A with an excellent dancing uptempo tunes from Hol Baumann.And to close the journey we did asked to our special friend Nick Tripswitch to bring this project to another level.

Enjoy the ride:-)

1 – DISHAM ”Listen to your Inner voices”

2 – I AWAKE feat Planet Boelex “Underdoze”

3 – MOSHIC “My life is for you”

4 – ZEN BABOON “Bencalado”

5 – KLIMENT “Soundscape odyssey”

6 – UASCA “Revelation 999”

7 – AES DANA “Resin” (Overspring edit)

8 – HOL BAUMANN “Red flower”

World Electronical Music


Cover by : Aes Dana

© Electrik Dream Records 2012


Cosmik Chill Yellow Full Album

Cosmik Chill Yellow With CD

01 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” « Listen To Your Inner Voices »

02 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” My Life Is For You “

03 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Underdoze “

04 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Bencalado “

05 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Soundscape Odissey “

06 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Revelation 999 “

07 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Resin ” (Overspring edit)

08 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Red Flower “

09 Cosmik Chill “YELLOW” ” Spiral “

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