PhotonikLogical Diversity
PhotonikBionic Implant
PhotonikDigital World
PhotonikUnannounced Impact
PhotonikHeart Bend
PhotonikGenetic Heritage

EP is composed of 6 Original Tracks, all produced by Pedro Matias and Pedro Miranda, except track nr 6 “Genetic Heritage” that is a collaboration with Aliensphere. All tracks produced at Photonik Studio, Porto

1 Logical Diversity

Total diversity! Immense knowledge encoded musically, blasted through time by spirit friends: instant high bandwidth vibrational upgrade to life 2.0.

2 Bionic Implant

Time for an upgrade. Boosting the power of the chakras. Full man :: full machine :: 100% love, cyborg stylie.

3 Digital World

Bits and bytes on the run. Dance on the digital highway, embrace a new world. Driving positivity into the thalamus, and spreading into your consciousness; a musical trojan horse for mental rewiring.

4 Unannounced Impact

A disc shaped object in your backyard… a cultural icon representing the ineffable, a reaction to human technological development, an artifact of strangeness to counteract science. A need for mystery leading to vibrational emanations seeping into your brain making the feet, legs, hips then whole body jiggle…

5 Heart Ben

Dancing with your eyes closed and your mind open: Feel the language of the light; bend your heart to Music.

6 Genetic Heritage (vs Aliensphere)

A deep legacy of ancient wisdom is encoded in our DNA. A musical cipher, unlocking the heritage of infinite knowledge imprinted into very being. Evolution of millennia within a matrix of symbiotic natural balanced forces has ensured we carry the full knowledge of the earth in the core of our being, ready to be unlocked to benefit us at will.

Our civilization has a deep legacy of ancient wisdom visiting us without warning from dreams, plants or visions; we are gifted with the most valuable knowledge. Shaped with conscious uplifting patterns, in a variety of forms, shapes and colours… manifested as music screamed throughout the infinite spaces of existence.

Our goal is to achieve a deeper understanding of our roots as a species. Let’s turn our hearts towards the light as we consider out place in a multi-dimensional matrix of information flow.

Artwork by Meskalart Porto



01 Logical Diversity

02 Bionic Implant

03 Digital World

04 Unannounced Impakt

05 Heart Bend

06 Genetic Heritage


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