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Electrik Dream Present :


Zen Baboon is composed of Daniel Rosado and Henrique Palhavã.

In association with Electrik Dream, Zen Baboon present to the world their first album release entitled ” SUBER “.
A pure fresh release from Portugal.
An album within which you will travel through many different landscapes ( or soundscapes).
A true sonic expedition, from Groovy rhythm including some Glitchy pattern,  with a touch of Melancholic melodies.
This album can be define in different style from Ambient, Chill Out, Electronica, Downtempo with some IDM influence.
SUBER has been made by mixing digital audio with analog instrument recordings @ ” Baboon clinic” studio, and includes a special guest appearance from guitar player Samuel Lupi.
SUBER also features authentic atmospheric sound effects recorded in the Zen Baboon rainforest, well actually their farm.
When listening you can feel the deep respect for nature that ZEN Baboon have put into SUBER.
So Voila ! Electrik dream is proud to give you SUBER, we feel it is an amazing piece of Atmospheric Downtempo Electronica Art.
Immerse yourself in the world of Zen Baboon !!!`
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Is the most recent track composed by Zen Baboon, a nice smooth building but very relaxing intro to enter into the world of Zen Baboon. The production quality, as with the whole release, is outstanding. Let the track take you away.
Pe Na Praia, is the sounds of summer track on the album. Full of joy and happiness “Pe na praia” is composed with some Beach sound samples recorded in the beautiful Algarve (South Portugal). Let your imagination and Pe Na Praia take you there.
Is one of the oldest tracks composed by Zen Baboon on this album. With some melancholic melodies and an intense message ” All children are born artists”. Are we still artist of our life?  Message taken at the TED conference from “Ken Robinson”, here is how Zen Baboon deliver the message. A full sound with liquid dripping trippy sounds.
This track came true after an intense and passionate Jam session with their friend and Guitar player Samuel Lupi.
Samuel and Henrique @ the Rhodes recorded hours together for our pure aural pleasure. Here is a taste of their work. Mellow guitar sounds over smooth production.
Cymru means Wales in welsh. This track was done after a nice gig @ Llanberis (North Wales), so its kind of gift and tribute track to the amazing people they have met there.
Piano is used here to express an immense sensitivity to make this track special and full of deep emotion.
Samples message from TED conference from “Wade Davis”.
We are one and come from a pluralistic cultural world so we can all contribute to make this world a better place to be !!!
Reach Audio was inspired by a Tekkish ( techno) approach inspiration but without the 4 by 4 classical rhythm.
A good transposition in an Ambient style of composition done by the Zen Baboon with more density and tension inside.
Daniel really express well his creativity in two words a “deep” and “intense” journey.
Definitely one of the hits of their album with such creativity inside.
Rhythmic vocal samples were made by Henrique’s mouth effect ehehe 😉
This track will make you travel into time and space for sure.
Here you can feel as well how much the Zen Baboon are link to the beauty of nature and how much they are connected to mother Gaia !!!
Now we enter into the final run of this album with an excellent Groovy track with an intense emotional state with Cabeça Alta.
An old composition as well since early 2000, when the band first created this track, still included these days their Live experience as the audience always enjoys it, so far so good !!!
Cloud Garden is the final track to close this amazing first chapter album “Suber”. And with the beautiful track you can fel the emotion and joy.
It s a love song created for “Candida” the love of Henrique’s life.
And it could not be better inspiration than LOVE to close their album.
All round one of the best chilled albums of 2013, of this we have no doubt.
World Chill Out Electronical Music

Zen Baboon Suber
Zen Baboon Suber


Cover by : Bruno Moreira

Booklet Photography by : Henrique Palhavã.



© Electrik Dream Records 2013

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