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Cosmik Chill  Orange


Tuning up the individual spirit also tunes up the universe. We are not humans having spiritual experiences we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Cosmik Chill Orange is a project including several artists from all around the planet sharing a beautiful experience.

This 2nd chapter starts with a beautiful journey made by Xerxes featuring the incredible voice of Aleah. Next track by Scann-Tec from Russia, rising slowly but developing a strong atmosphere in this track. Then Pearce Van Der Merwe aka Flooting grooves guides us to an interesting way of seeing our Reality . Pearce plays flute and Moreno Antognini aka Master Margherita guests on the bass guitar.

Followed by Kliment. Kliment was part of Disham who had a track on Electrik dreams 1st release Cosmik Chill Red CD.

A killer track no more words for it simply beautiful !!! Next artist featured is Moravec,an artist from Holland,creating an astonishing atmosphere inspired by the Japanese landscape !!! Continuing with high quality artist our dearest Aes Dana, hypnotic track with a huge acid vibes let you know Aes Dana has the secret to producing a most enjoyable track. To keep on rising now lets introduce to you a new collaboration between two different artists, Chilled C’Quence & Tajmahal.

This track is a call for the freedom to choose our own beliefs in this crazy world managed by money driven stinky multinational super powers !!! Let’s end with a beautiful prayer for Mother Gaia, from our friends from Lunaspice this French artist is really surprising and full of spirit and soul.

Watch out for Cosmik Chill Orange, a journey starting from spacey musik and finishing in a true tribal journey !!!


1. Xerxes feat Aleah « Inhale »

2. Scann-Tec « Hope »

3. Flooting Groove « Immersion »

4. Kliment « Fairdreamers »

5. Moravec « Kiwimango »

6. Aes Dana « Liquid hertz »

7. Chilled C’ Quence & Tajmahal « Power of plant »

8. Lunaspice « Schamanic long version »



Produced by : Electrik Dream Records

Mastering by : Huby & Taj

Cover by : Vincent villuis @ ultimae.com


© Electrik Dream records 2007

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