Alucidnation’s  EP:03 is released in support of his forthcoming album Aural Architecture, out on Interchill at the end of September.  Bruce chose 3 renowned London based remixers to add their spice and magic to a couple of tracks from the album.  They are a bit of a dream team if you’re a chillout afficionado: 


Greg Hunter has a huge track record, stretching back into the golden years of early Orb, where he assisted as an engineer on some of their best work.  His aptly titled and impeccably produced Retro-Spectral mix will be sure to light things up and spin people out 4/4 style with it’s well paced deep techno groove filled with acid bubbles and micro details.


Tom Green aka Another Fine Day is an artist who brings a high level of virtuosity to his production and playing.  This remix follows the original mix, but also has the unmistakable Another Fine Day sound; warm, open, welcoming and wonderfully produced.  Tom’s album Salvage on label Six 

Degrees turned a lot of heads, as did his remix of the classic tune Scarborough Fair.


Irresistible Force aka Mixmaster Morris is a legend of chillout music and has been playing music and dj’ing since before the summers of love in the late 80’s.  With classic albums on Rising High and Ninja Tune it is a real honour and pleasure to hear the Irresistible Force take on Alucidnation’s track Genetics.  Mixmaster Morris wrote the book on chill music and works harder as a DJ than anyone we know.   

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Alucidnation’s track Fog (in Dub) is a slice of dubby mellowness with dreamy melodica, long synth washes and peaceful vibes.  Bruce Bickerton has been writing and producing music since the heady days of the early 1990’s.  With 2 albums and 2 ep’s on Big Chill Recordings and a handful of remixes, Alucidnation has a loyal following and a sound that defines classic UK chill out music. Bruce runs his own label Lucid Recordings and broadcasts and presents a weekly show on Chill radio.   


This ep is a must buy for fans of chillout music and anyone who enjoys  inspired sounds in their life. 


Alucidnation Bio:


Bruce from Alucidnation


Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] has been writing and producing music since he invested in his first studio equipment in the heady days of the early 1990’s.

Always musical, he studied and played classical piano throughout his formative years. Bruce’s first proper job was as a studio engineer and this experience laid a solid foundation for his future music career.   After being exposed to the ambient house boom of the late eighties Bruce decided to invest in his own gear.   What started off as a full-time hobby alongside parallel jobs in the design and photographic industry has since blossomed into a second, tangible career.


Alucidnation played at a number of Big Chill Festivals in the UK, Greece and also in Goa. These were significant because they planted seeds which have since flourished worldwide, and along with the Megadog festivals and clubnights in UK they represent, in hindsight, an inspiring highpoint for chill out music, DIY culture and live electronic music performance.   Bruce released two critically acclaimed albums on Big Chill Recordings; Induction and Get Lost. The label also released two alucidnation ep’s, simply titled ep:01 and ep:02.  Bruce also did the mix on The Big Chill’s Glisten compilation.  


In 2005 Bruce licensed Interchill a track for the Earth Octave Lounge Volume 2 compilation.  Here at Interchill we’ve always respected Bruce’s work and know that he is hardwired into the same source that has inspired us for years.  Bruce makes classic chill out music, where melody is central and the overall sound is calm and mellow. There’s a simplicity of approach that doesn’t rely upon bit crushing and fashionable plugins. This gives Bruce’s music a timelessness and also rewards the listener.  In terms of production approach Bruce favours the immediacy of keys and vocals in one take sessions.  Once he has the sound and elements he’s after he flattens the board which prevents any revisiting or recycling later on. It’s an unconventional ethos which seems to work. 


Alucidnation is published by Faber Music, has his own label Lucid Recordings, has done remixes for Tom Middleton, Pitch Black, Hexstatic. Chris Coco, Minuit and more and broadcasts and presents a weekly show on Chill DAB radio. 



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